New partnership: EXPOTECH

New partnership: EXPOTECH

Since it’s inception in 1985 as a women-owned business in Houston, Texas, Expotech has become recognized as a world-class distributor of the laboratory, chemical, and industrial equipment & supplies. Expotech’s reach extends across more than 60 countries around the globe. Our competitive cost base is supported by key strategic partnerships with over 100 manufacturers and suppliers. Certified as an ISO 9001 company, we have been recognized for our distinguished performance and capabilities.

FALEX Specializing in Tribology From their Very Beginning

Over the past 90 years, Falex has slowly evolved into a world-renowned expert in tribology and fuel/oil test instruments. With a constant mission to improve testing for our client’s products and R&D, our instruments are recognized worldwide as the gold standard for quality and ASTM certification.

EMCEE Electronic Inc. In 1959 Emcee developed an initial instrument, the Water Separometer, which has evolved into the current Micro-Separometer that is critical to aviation fuel and aircraft safety. The Micro-Separometer has undergone numerous updates and continues to enjoy universal usage for aviation fuel testing.

Emcee has since developed other instruments used to test for certain qualities in fuels, lubricants, solvents, paints, coatings, additives, and other fluids. Emcee continues to perform research and development on test instruments for use in these industries. During the course of its over 50-year history, Emcee has not only established itself as a leading worldwide supplier of reliable test instruments but also earned a reputation of providing outstanding customer support.

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