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CASlab is Cooperating with Specialized Suppliers

CASlab is a distributor, supplier of Customized Analytical Solutions and accessories as well as a Laboratory Technologies, designs and furniture provider. CASlab is headquartered in Dubai, but is present in the entire Middle East, India, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan, working with a team of highly qualified sales and service specialists. With over 30 years of knowledge, experience in Chromatography and

analytical solutions for your laboratory covering, environmental, refining and petrochemical, chemical, food and flavor, life science and forensic as well as laboratory design, and supply of complete lab solutions using the latest world standards available in the market. All custom-made solutions will be delivered factory pre-tested including applications and support

We work with highly experienced, multidisciplinary engineering teams to solve challenges such as fluid handling, hazardous areas, laboratory and pilot plant automation, sample preparation, custom hard and software can be designed to meet your unique requirements. Laboratory design, gas distribution systems, fume cupboards, all manufactured according to ISO 9001 & 18001.


JSB is a value-added reseller of Agilent Technologies and therefore creates its solutions on the chromatography platform of Agilent Technologies, utilizing the latest instruments models, sampling devises, valves and other automation technologies resulting in a reliable innovative customized application guaranteed solutions.


Wasson-ECE is a long-standing channel partner of Agilent Technologies, specialized in configuring and modifying new or existing Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatographs. The GC customization will provide optimize consistent analysis and a guaranteed turn-key analytical solution. Wasson will design the system, using extra ovens, valves, plumbing, flow controls, and other specialized components and built the system exactly what your project needs.


Chrom8 International has 30 years of experience selling and supporting analytical chromatography products into the Benelux and now expanding into the Middle East and Indian-subcontinent. We specialise in bringing people together and building relationships, as well as directly bringing manufacturers and customers together to develop ongoing solutions.
We offer you skilled access to existing and new products that we have identified from around the world which can help improve your analytical spectrum and performance, processes and productivity and which will ultimately provide a cost benefit to your organisation. We are prepared to come and work closely with you to achieve the desired improvements.
GC – HPLC – Flash – Service – Maintenance – Gasmanagement – Sample Pretreatment – Consumables – Accesories



Since it’s inception in 1985 as a women-owned business in Houston, Texas, Expotech has become recognized as a world-class distributor of the laboratory, chemical, and industrial equipment & supplies. Expotech’s reach extends across more than 60 countries around the globe. Our competitive cost base is supported by key strategic partnerships with over 100 manufacturers and suppliers. Certified as an ISO 9001 company, we have been recognized for our distinguished performance and capabilities.

FALEX Specializing in Tribology From their Very Beginning

Over the past 90 years, Falex has slowly evolved into a world-renowned expert in tribology and fuel/oil test instruments. With a constant mission to improve testing for our client’s products and R&D, our instruments are recognized worldwide as the gold standard for quality and ASTM certification.

EMCEE Electronic Inc. In 1959 Emcee developed an initial instrument, the Water Separometer, which has evolved into the current Micro-Separometer that is critical to aviation fuel and aircraft safety. The Micro-Separometer has undergone numerous updates and continues to enjoy universal usage for aviation fuel testing.

Emcee has since developed other instruments used to test for certain qualities in fuels, lubricants, solvents, paints, coatings, additives, and other fluids. Emcee continues to perform research and development on test instruments for use in these industries. During the course of its over 50-year history, Emcee has not only established itself as a leading worldwide supplier of reliable test instruments but also earned a reputation of providing outstanding customer support.


IAM Drijfhout is specialized in equipment and consumables for X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis sample preparation, based in the Netherlands. As channel partner of XRF Scientific, IAM Drijfhout provides both the equipment, technical support, and service to contribute to the highest quality samples for composition analysis. Additionally, it is a leading specialist in standard and custom made precious metal products for Industrial, Analytical, and Medical applications. https://www.iamdrijfhout.com

OI Analytical designs and manufactures instrumentation for chemical analysis. Data from our analytical instruments serve as the basis for informed decisions affecting human health and safety, environmental protection, industrial operations, and product quality. We understand the ability to detect and measure sulfur contaminants in gases and liquids this is critical for efficient operation and product quality control. That’s why we’ve been working with industry experts since the beginning to provide practical laboratory solutions for petroleum analysis. The result: instrumentation built specifically for superior selectivity and sensitivity of sulfur compounds in an array of petroleum products.

Our brands PAC has combined the world’s most respected and long-established brands of analytical and testing equipment into a single manufacturing, marketing, and service organization. Each of our brands has long histories of developing best-in-class analytical instrumentation for lab and process applications. PAC offers a full range of on-line instruments for distillation, sulfur/nitrogen, viscosity, flash point, cold flow, and oil-in-water analyses by recognized PAC brands Advanced Sensors, Antek, Cambridge Viscosity, ISL, and Phase Technology. These brands have long histories of providing innovative, highly dependable, and exceptionally accurate instrumentation. PAC’s on-line analytical instrumentation offers highly actual results with little operator interaction due to their high level of automation. Actual results in significant improvements with process optimization and production control. http://www.paclp.com/process-analytics

F-DGSi, founded in 2006 in Evry, France, offers a complete range of gas generators (Hydrogen, Zero Air, Nitrogen) and accessories that meet the needs of all laboratory analyser’s, including gas chromatography (GC / GCMS) and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), with exclusive features.

F-DGSi supplies fully integrated Liquid Nitrogen plants, and the customer only needs to connect power. Different models available 10 Liters per day to 60 L/day.

Service is at the heart of our business and we have you covered across the world.

Thanks to our years of experience, F-DGSi has an extensive knowledge of laboratories and their applications. Our highly qualified staff provides expert technical advice to our customers and offers them the best possible solution according to their needs.

All facets of our organization have one common goal, customers satisfaction. Our technical support provides our clients with highly specialized information and advice in almost all countries around the world thanks to our dedicated service personnel and our wide distributors network.

life science biotechnology

Life science & Biotechnology

Formulatrix ® is committed to providing the life science community with the most innovative robotic automation equipment and software on the market.

Headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, Formulatrix supplies software and robotic automation solutions using microfluidic technology to leading pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions around the world. 

Collaborating with researchers to simplify the preparation and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids by designing solutions without boundaries and bringing novel cutting-edge technology to the life science industry. 

Formulatrix will continue to expand our influence as a world leader in protein crystallization and liquid handling.


Lab Design & Furniture

Advancelab is a company which designs and builds. Providing reliable solutions to complex challenges taking a fresh creative approach. Manufacturers of state of the art laboratory furniture and fume handling equipment.


lab design and furniture


Laboratory design, the lean way

Labs31 is known for their lean laboratory design. This will make every laboratory key-user and laboratory manager smile and saves time and money in the total cost of ownership of the laboratory. What can Clients expect?

– Over 25 years of laboratory design experience in close partnership with CASlab for the Middle East region
– Always design in 3D (Autodesk Revit), easy to understand for clients.
– Online and Offline design and engineering sessions, great user acceptance
– The most efficient way to come to a new lean laboratory design.
– Fully BIM (Building Information Model) compliant
– Optimal change process and Clash detections

The Lab Guru expert you need.