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CASlab is a distributor, with more than 30 years of knowledge and experience as a Supplier of Customized Analytical Solutions, Laboratory Technologies, Lab Design and Lab Furniture as well as a Service provider for all your laboratory instruments.
Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with a presence in the entire Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent. working with highly experienced, multidisciplinary engineering teams.


    It is our vision to become the most trusted partner in our industry in delivering expectations and solutions.
    Our primary objective is to continuously improve the services we offer our clients.
    We have one common goal “customers satisfaction”

    oil refinary


    Instruments which provide solutions by breaking it down into smaller elements in order to solve the problem or complete the analysis generating reliable results.

    Life science & Biotechnology

    Instruments and technologies used in an area of science that deals with living things, organisms, and life processes, to improve the quality and standard of life.

    Lab Design and Furniture

    Designing a safe and productive laboratory workspace, meeting today’s specifications resulting in an area where workers will have the right furniture and equipment to carry out their experiments.


    We believe that Trust is the foundation of our Company. We ensure that trust is built and kept through honesty, communication, cooperation and openness in all that we do.


    We believe in fulfilling our commitment to our customers, our partners and towards each other. We take personal responsibility for all our actions. We take pride and confidence in ourselves, our work & overcoming challenges and obstacles till we achieve our success. We are committed because we believe in what we do, will make a difference to others


    We are relentless in our pursuit in delivering quality in our products, service and our work. We will constantly strive to be better and to challenge ourselves for greater and better performance.


    We believe in working together closely at all levels and across locations, leveraging our capabilities, strengthening our teams and supporting one another. We will build our teams by showing genuine concern for others; treating people with respect, with understanding and appreciation.


    We will demonstrate integrity by living up to our word, doing the right thing, working through challenging issues and honouring our commitments to our customers, partners and to our own team members.

    Working Area


    The region in which CASlab is actively working, direct as well as with experienced local partners.

    “Customized Solutions for Instantaneous Reliable Results”


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